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Local resouces for changing lives.
Alabama Resouces Page
Life sometimes throws all of us challanges . No matter what is going on you are not alone, Others have been there and you will find many people are willing to help those in need . This page is designed to help you find the people, organizations and programs to help you get where you want and need to be in life. From helping someone find shelter for the night all the way to helping business owners find mentors to help them grow a bigger income. Help is available if you know where to look. This  site is filled with  resorces to help folks in Alabama .  Bookmark us. we might come in handy one day.
What do you need?
  1. Life skills -Training
    Life skills -Training
    Want to learn new skills? Anyone with access to the internet can develop highly marketable skills for free, Don't complain about your life do something to make it better.
  2. Start or grow a business
    Start or grow a business
    Do you want to know how to start a business? Find customers? Grow and expand? the resources we share are powerful for those with the ambition to use them.
Life starts now-lets make it awesome